Digitalization and mobile GIS

The aim of digitalization is initial transfer of spatial data from paper or CAD documentation into digital GIS form in order to optimize business processes of the customer. With our solutions, clients not only save time but also reduce internal and external management costs.


For telecommunication companies quality data inventory is a key element for successful management. With the digitalization of existing paper documents we establish a working environment that enables the support for all the company’s processes related to the network infrastructure. As an example, telecommunication companies need their data in an environment that allows queries related to verifying the capacity of the network, tracking and detecting network flaws, see the free capacities of cable sewage and layouts of cable manholes, etc.


For efficient data maintenance on the field we help our customers by developing mobile GIS software solutions for tablets. The solution allows autonomic fieldwork in GIS environment with simultaneous connection to the GPS receiver and also easy data synchronization with a central database after returning to the office.

Our clients include major companies in the field of telecommunications, gas, sewage, water and energy supply.