Mobile mapping solution

Technology and data from DFG CONSULTING, D.O.O. is used by municipalities, communal, electrical, telecommunications companies and government institutions with the aim of increasing efficiency and reducing management costs. Users can perform road inspections, analyze vector data, perform measurements, assist with real estate appraisal and taxations, perform safety studies and planning, engineering, management of telecommunications and utility lines and much more, all from the comfort of their office chair.


Izdelki mobilnega kartirneg asistema

Presents a collection of geo-referenced videos in high definition (HD), which are used for viewing roads. Also, every 5m 360°spherical photography is ensured, which gives the user a great deal of information about other roadside content. With video almanac the user can freely review the road from the office, without the necessary terrain visits.

In addition to improved organization the time we need to collect information is the main advantage and financial saving. Examples of good practice indicate time savings even up to a factor 5, which usually means a return of investment within one or two years.

In Slovenia municipalities are legally obliged to keep record of street furniture inventory. The data has to be submitted to the National Road Agency of Slovenia every year, the dedaline is 15th of May.

Do not let this rich database be only obligation. With graphical interpretation the data comes to life in the true sense of the word.

Vertical and horizontal traffic signalization represents an asset of the municipality, who should keep records of it. It is the only way to accurately evaluate the value of traffic infrastructure. Some advantages are

• Automatic calculation of painted lines surfaces
• Overview and control over the line-painting contractor
• Filter through speed limits 30, 50, 70,…

Based on the records of traffic signalization combined with video data users can control existing signs and plan new ones.

Its advantages include:

• Current condition (number, location and type of ad-boards)
• analysis: on which parcels are billboards placed
• You can prepare regulations about placing the billboards
• Increased revenue from regulated placing and authorization
• Control and uniform appearance

By the Slovenian law regarding roads the municipality is obliged to rule on the appropriateness of conjuction to the municipal road. If the junction meets all regulations and standards, the municipality shall give its consent for the junction of an unclassified or individual connection to the municipal road.

“With points of road connections provided to us by DFG CONSULTING we can check if the conjunctions are in accordance with the authorization we gave.”

Planning of road maintenance should be carried out in a way that ensures benefits for users and administrators with minimum costs. Timely action in the context of maintenance can prevent damages on the road, which could raise costs.

The results of this comprehensive method are indexes of damage of individual 50m long segments. The indexes represent the basis for planning maintenance and renovation. The customer also receives financial frameworks of the proposed and urgent investments. Together we prepare a long-term plan for road maintenance.

The main essence: with less money you will be able to do more!


Our data is supported in Slovenian web GIS solutions

Our clients include government institutions and companies in the field of road management and municipalities. Slovenian municipalities can display and use all of the above data in their existing web GIS environment since we cooperate with all the major GIS SW providers in our country.